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Konsulting kring moilntjänster, utvärdering, implementationer och projekt

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IT Säkerhet, IT drift, IT Projekt

Frågor kring IT säkerhet, IT drift,

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IT drift, serrverdrift

IT drift av servrar, infrastruktur, applikationsdrift

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About Juha Jurvanen

I was born in Kuopio, Finland in 1968 and we moved to Sweden in the early 1970s, but I still speak Finnish.
I have also studied some other language as it’s always been an interest, for example English, German, French and Russian, although the latter is pretty rusty by now.

In recent years I have been very active with cloud services at Red Cloud IT AB where I built, hosted and designed their rCloud Office solution and served as technology and consultant. I am also partner and co-founder of Red Cloud IT Ltd .

Before I became selfempolyed I worked at SunGard Availability Servces Nordic AB (formerly BackupCentralen and Guardian IT) where I worked as a Disaster Recovery Technician for Windows, Linux and Unix systems. I also helped verify and write Disaster Recovery Plans for customers.
I was also a Consultant, OS Expert and technical presales support.

I have hosted/been involved in the implementation of a large disk-to-disk backup solution called VytalVault / Infostage at SunGard, which has been very successful, both technically and commercially. In that role, I hosted and managed the solution, implemented on the clients and was involved in support and customer contacts and helped as a technical sales support.
I have given courses in Disaster Recovery for internal and external customers, and posted detailed recovery plans.

During the 8 years I worked at SunGard Availability Servces Nordic AB , I conducted an average of 100 restore tests / year which makes me one of the most experienced in my field in Sweden. This includes both verifications of backup solutions as well as “live cases” where customers had real accidents / disasters.

The platforms I’ve worked with for system has been Windows (all), Unix (primarily Solaris), Netware (All up to 6.5), Linux, and connections to other systems as AIX, S390, AS/400 (iSeries) and backup software has has been almost every known and used softwares in Sweden (BackupExec, Legato, Tivoli, NetBackup, Info Tage, NT Backup, ArcServe / BrightStor well as some obscure variants as well). With system recovery I mean the whole system which may include Active Directory, SQL, NDS, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Citrix, and applications and complete environments for other hardware if necessary.The job also requires a good knowledge of firewalls, infrastructure, DNS and TCP/IP.

I also have a particular interest in so-called ethical hacking as computer security is an area that interests me a lot. I have not worked with it but have been asked about employment in such firms. IT security in general is a very large and interesting filed.

I’ve had scheduled readiness for external/internal customers in the event of a disaster/emergency to help at the accident and thus I’m used to working with 24/7 operations.
Since SunGard Availability Servces Nordic AB is largely a “preparedness organization” I have had much time to familiarize myself with OS/applikations- specific peculiarities and immerse myself in things that are important to know that as soon as possible recover customers’ systems.At my disposal, I have had most of the major platforms in the lab at SunGard, which is normally equipment as “waiting for disaster” that is, servers that can be freely used for lab and testing.

I have previously worked at Tieto (CIS as it was then, later, TietoEnator, later TietoEnator) on PC / LAN Group in Älvsjö until December – 98th. In this role as an IT consultant I hosted and implemented solutions to external customers, primarily on the Windows platform with Lotus Notes, Exchange, SQL etc.

What I can bring to you is inplementation, project, operational support and help you with planning the most of the above.In addition to this, I can of course help out with contacts with suppliers and other things that may come up.

On the private level, I am interested in our four cats and spending time with my girlfriend, listening to music. I see a lot of movies and read a lot, especially about history.

I’m very social by nature and enjoy meeting people and socializing.I think I am considered generally as “easy to deal with”. Professionally, I like to drive new ideas, projects and simply doing a good job. I am of a casual nature, but accurate and proficient in my professional capacity.I speak Swedish and English well orally and in writing and maybe also Finnish (born in Finland but lived in Sweden for most of my life). I also have some knowledge of German, French and Russian, but they are unfortunately quite rusty due to long periods of time I haven’t had a chance to use them really.

Here’s link to a downloadable CV in PDF format

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way down here.

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