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NTLM settings and other fun labs searching for missing IP adresses in eventid 4625 or trying to get RemoteAPP to work well with RD Client on iPad, Android and even Windows!

Using an SSL certficates to protect your Communications is vital for many reasons. Unfortunately you end up with missing IP adresses in eventid 4625. Disabling NTLM isn’t really an option (in order to get the source Ip address in the event again) so .. what are the alternatives ?

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Using locally attached USB drives to #restore #Windows Server 2008 R2 as #DisasterRecovery or shifting servers?

I’m pretty sure this goes for any Windows Server version from Windows Server 2008 and upwards really. If you’re not up for reading the entire article , the short answer is. Don’t . Please read this previous article I wrote on using Windows Server backup and network shares instead. Here’s the scenario I had last […]

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Installing to #Fsecure PSB from #McAfee rendered multiple #Windows Server 2008 R2 stuck in Wimdows recovery mode

So.. I’ve had an interesting one and half weeks dealing with switching from McAfee Enterprise 8 to F Secure 10 PSB for Windows Servers. Here’s the scenario. A customer of mine was running McAfee Enterpise on all of their servers and workstations. Worked fine but the license was about to expire so I suggested using […]

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