Backup / Restore -After working daily for 8 years as a Disaster Recovery Technnician at SunGard Availabiliy Services I can be very helpful with most backup solutions available on Windows, NetWare, Solaris and Linux. I have unique skills on how to recover servers, and network functions.

IT operations and management as senior second line servertechnician -Since I earlier worked as a consultant in outsourcing, I am also proficient in the operation, installation and support of corporate networks. I have also been part of the operation such as on SunGard’s online backup services in which I have been through design, installation and operation. I can help with your support and help desk on the server side or serve as temporary IT Manager. I’m also the architect and manager of the cloud services at Red Cloud IT .

Installing and planning for new servers and functions -I can help you with planning, installation and configuration of mail systems, SQL Server, networking, firewalls, VPN solutions, monitoring, DNSBlacklisting, antivirus protection, etc. .

Procedure descriptions and documentation -I can help you with creating procedures and documentation to ensure proper operation and an effective approach in case of an accident. No one can plan for every possible scenario, but a good basic plan is a prerequisite for the fastest possible to come back into production after a breakdown. The question is very simple – how long can you be without your IT?

Cloud services and cloud computing -In recent years I have been very active with cloud services at Red Cloud IT where I’ve built, hosted and designed their rCloud Office solution and served as technical manager and consultant. I am also part owner of Red Cloud IT but I will help you to evaluate other cloud services and help you choose what suits your business. There are many different cloud services out there, and it comes to choosing the exactly right for your business.

Verification, audit and study of existing solutions -I can assist with verifying existing solutions, either examining the solutions you have and suggest changes or help you do a disaster recovey test of your systems to ensure functionality. I’m not tied to any company or product which makes my analysis completely independent of other suppliers. I’ll help you plan your DR-tests and write restart plans (known as DRP Disaster Recovery Planning) so they are in place when needed and you can minimize your standstill.

Courses and workshops -I have given courses and workshops for companies about disaster recovery and backups.

Your companys Internet reputation? -I am happy to assist you in reviewing how you appear on the Internet and come with tips and advice on how you can protect your brand and how such can use Google Analytics to relevant reports on visitors to your website and get a better lead generation. I’ll help you set up simple but efficient tools to get an alarm if something changes unexpectedly on your website that may as a result of a hacker attack. I will gladly help you also to monitor this.

Basic safety reviews -Basic control of network security, patch management, password policies, intrusion attempts, etc.

My consultant profile (CV) as PDF – in Swedish -A far from complete CV as such would be unduly long after 15 years as an IT consultant but it gives some idea of ​​what I’ve worked with before.

Brute force prevention and blocking for Windows servers -Syspeace is a software I came up with idea for and it has from there evovled to a simple but very powerful protection for Windows servers including Microsoft Exchange, Terminal Server, etc.