Remembering complex online passwords

This is merely a tip or suggestion on how one might have a simple method of creating unique and good passwords to different sites and still be able to remember them.

First of all the, basics.

A good password should contain AT LEAST 8 characters and consist of one CAPTAL letter, one lowercase , specialsigns (ie !”#&&%/&() and numbers.

Many people hae different accounst on quite a few websites such HotMail, Google, Twiter and so on and far too many of them tend to reuse their passwords everywhere. This is of course a prolem since should one of these accounts get hacked , the same account info can be resued on many sites. Now, thst’s not a good thing. (and it does happen., Don’t kid yourself into thinking anything else)

One way of using more secure passwords but still be able to remember them is for instance this little system.

Always use the same “starter characters” for instance “!Q09” and the same “ending characters” “&!”. Then you simply fill upp the middle with the first three cahracters of the website , like facebook. In this case the password would be “!Q09fac&!”. Not that easy to guess, eh ?

Decide on your own starters and endings and DO NOT SHARE THEM with anyone. It is unique for you , a sort of PIN code for the Internet if you will.

Of course you can play around also with the three characters and replace the with their position in the alphabet (( F = 6 , A = 1 , C = 3)) or create a simple Caesar crypto and move them forward three postions.

The combinations are endless but, if you stay consistent with your systen you should have a nice way of remembering your password but still using good and strong, unique passwords

Should you have forgotten your password to a specific site, all you have to do is to have a look at the three first characters in the name, apply your own system to them and , bang, you’ve remembered your password.

It’s not a foolproof system and t will not protect you from all kinds of harm but hopefully someone likes the idea and has use for it.