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GEN II - RD Gateway, Web Access, Connection Broker


RDWeb rCloud Office TSGW OK

GEN I - TSGW - RDP, RD Gateway


RDP rCloud Office TSGW OKRDWeb rCloud Office TS001 OK

GEN I - TS001 - RDP, RDWeb


RDP rCloud Office TS001 OKRDWeb rCloud Office TSGW OKFileupload rCloud Office TSGW OK


GEN II - TS003 - RDP, RDWeb


RDP rCloud Office TS001 OKRDWeb rCloud Office TSGW OK

Exchange -Mail


OWA rCloud Office TSGW OKSSL 465 rCloud Office TSGW OKSSL 587 rCloud Office TSGW OK

User Access - SMB, User profiles, Mapped drives

File shares

User Access : rCloud Office TSGW OK
SSL Check
SSL Certficiate Valid To:Sun, 22 Sep 2024 09:59:21 +0200
rCloud Office TSGW OK
Last checked : 12:58:30 Timezone Europe/Stockholm
Last two routers before rCloud should be (from conapto.se) and rCloud checkpoints: tsgw.rcasp.se [] ts001.rcasp.se [] ts002.rcasp.se [] ts003.rcasp.se [] rdweb.rcasp.se [] crushftp.rcasp.se [] exchange.rcasp.se []