Backup and restore , Disaster Recovery Plan Questions

How are your backups configured ?

* What are the different backup types such as Full, Differential and Incremental backups .. or maybe even Delta / Block level? What are the pros and cons of the different approaches? What are the consequences? Enough time to finish backup within your backup window? Is there different solution or can your’s be more effective?

Is it enough for a complete restore ?

* What is the minimum for backups to restore a complete system crash or just parts of it? Is there documentation on HOW to do it? Do you have systems that are interdependent and in what order should a restore be done as quickly as possible to return to normal operation again? How does your server-operative behave? Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, SUN Solaris, Linux .., they all behave differently at restore.

Or, is it too much backed up ?

* For instance, whne restoring a Microsoft Exchange Serverr, certain things should be excluded that can “entangle” the restore. There are many examples and it requires know how and experience. Backing unnecessary functions and files will cost you time, space and bandwidth. Is it possible perhaps to streamline? Have you backed up a lot of unnecessary private files that occupy time and space on backups? Are your workstations and laptops backed up? If that is the case, how?

Backup log files, who reeads them and manages errors?

* Missing error messages in the backup can have dire consequenses if your critical data is not included when necessary

How are your backup stored and who has access to them ? And when ? Whos responibility is it if the go missing ?

* Remember that all of your company’s data is stored on tapes/media and with the right knowledge it can be used to do you harm.

What guidelines are in place and how they are followed?

* Are there any policies set for overwriting of tapes? From how far back in time is data supposed to be able to be restored? For how long do you have archived data? What does the law state in your case? What guidelines are decided from the top?